Gravitas is to Command

Gravitas is to command executive presence. You have to act like you deserve it. You should know how to achieve it without trying.

I’ll show you how to have gravitas without trying. How to make it part of your DNA.

All it takes is a little bit of practice and applied effort to achieve.

Operating effectively at this level – you must be perceived as an influential person.

Respected. Knowledgeable. Authoritative.

You must be aware of what you say; how you say it; and who you say it too.

You are striving to have an influential voice at the main table.

Main Elements of Gravitas

  1. Poised and assured that your contribution is valuable.

Gravitas is exhibited when you are calm when under duress. Believing that you have value to add without having to be forceful. Do not try to be smarter than your peers. Don’t dominate the conversation. You don’t have to be right. Give in. Agree. Compromise.  It’s normal to be in awe of others accomplishments or position. Don’t get marginalized. Don’t give into the panic of your inferiority. You have value to add. Be confident. Be calm. Take a deep breath. Think.

  1. Assertions, questions, and silence are used sparingly.

Gravitas is the ability to know when to;  be assertive, to inquire, and when to be silent. Keep your ideas clear, short, simple, and current.  Repeating is to be avoided. Remember “less is more”. Listen attentively. Ask short prescient questions.

  1. Avoid faulty verbal habits

Avoid verbal faults like “you know” and “you know what I mean” etc. They are crutches you have developed and should be avoided.

  1. Confidence, humility and kindness. Arrogance is to be avoided.

Gravitas does not exhibit arrogance. They are enemies. It is usually as sign of insecurity and is easily spotted a such. You have nothing to prove. You deserve to be present and noticed. Winning is not always the best alternative. Treat all with utmost respect. Gravitas dictated this.

  1. Body Language

Study how people express themselves when listening. Your body language is a tell to your thinking. Non-verbal communication is the most under utilized form of presence.    Be aware of how you physically present yourself. How do you show boredom? Stress? Fear? Questions? How do you exit or enter a room? These are all critical to your gravitas.

  1. Be aware of who and where you are as you act.

Who am I in this group? How should I act? Speak? What is my role? Your introspection at all time will serve you well. When acting correctly, gravitas should come naturally. Your relationships will expand greatly and be maintained successfully when your gravitas is a natural part of your actions.

Gravitas will elevate you to the highest levels you want to achieve.