Gravitas PlusGravitas is necessary to succeed in the social and business world. We will show you how you can achieve it and apply to your everyday life. It’s like any skill you need for success in life. We bring you a lifetime of experience to help you avoid those embarrassing social and business pitfalls.

Our Objectives

  1. Show you how to transition between gravitas and levitas.
  2. Develop your authority, presence, and, weightiness.
  3. Master all aspects of your body language
  4. Expertise in how to use your voice in a powerful manner.
  5. Recognize when to change your mood.
  6. Confidence in all social and business settings.
  7. How to dress for any occasion: Social and Business
  8. How to conduct yourself in any situation.
  9. Learn the art of fine dining or how to eat fried chicken.
  10. What to do when you are a guest or a host.
  11. How to order or drink wine.
  12. And much, much more……………