What’s the Difference Between Milkshakes and Malts?

Ask a server at any 1950s-style diner to explain what their malt or malted milkshake really is, and you’ll hear all sorts of answers. Regardless, you’ll probably like it if you’re already in the milkshake camp.

A milkshake is a glass of blended ice cream, milk, and other mix-ins or flavorings. A malt is a special kind of milkshake that includes the addition of malted milk powder. You add the malt after you’ve mixed your shake, according to CTL Foods, a Colfax, Wisconsin-based company selling malt powders, syrups, and slushes. The malted milk powder enhances the flavor of the ingredients, giving you a sweetish, richer-tasting malt. One rounded teaspoon per shake is enough. You can add it to any flavor of milkshake to enhance the experience.

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