What Is Cointreau? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Margarita Staple.

The cocktail menu of any relatively hip restaurant will more often than not list “Cointreau” as an ingredient for at least one of its drinks. While before you may have just decided the name sounded good enough to slug back, Cointreau is a popular orange liqueur.

The liqueur, which was invented in 1875 by brothers Adolphe Cointreau and Edouard-Jean Cointreau, is a name brand version of triple sec, the Kitchn noted. (The brothers launched the Cointreau brand in 1849 but were focused on making other fruit liqueurs first.) Here’s where the names get a little confusing: Triple sec is less sweet than curaçao, a brandy that is traditionally flavored with dried curaçao orange peels, Serious Eats stated.

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Differences Between Grand Marnier, Cointreau & Triple Sec

Triple sec, a French liqueur invented in the 19th century, has become a somewhat generic term for any orange-flavored liqueur.

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