You can’t offer guests more than an air mattress on your living-room floor, but you want them to have as pleasant a stay as possible. Rest easy: There are plenty of simple ways to make them feel at home.
Do some recon work. If you’ve never experienced your guest accommodations as visitors do, try them out. Is your living room quiet? Is a night-light needed? Is the floor or rug as clean as it can be? Is the air mattress comfortable? If the answer to the latter is no…
Upgrade to an elevated air bed, if possible. Yes, a raised air bed costs more, but if you have the budget (and space), it will go far in ensuring your guests’ contentment.
Give your guests a choice of pillow (even if it means pulling one from your own bed). For some people, a good night’s sleep starts with what’s under their heads. A back sleeper will need firm support under the neck; a stomach sleeper might want something softer. The right pillow can make all the difference
Reserve a super-cozy blanket for them. A cuddly cover—something that feels rich and plush (even if it’s inexpensive)—can make company feel luxuriously welcomed.
Supply a lighter blanket too. Sometimes finding just the right ratio of blanket to room heat can be tricky. Let a guest experiment.
Spritz sheets with linen spray. Not only will a fragrance freshen sheets that may have been sitting on a closet shelf for a while, but a soothing scent—such as lavender—can also help lull visitors to sleep.
Keep disposable earplugs on hand. This is especially helpful if you live in a noisy urban setting—or with a rooster.
And an eye mask is nice. Adjusting to a new environment can be difficult for a guest. An eye mask will eliminate distracting light sources, making falling asleep easier.
Set up a folding screen. An inexpensive divider—which you can stash away after your visitor departs—will help make the space feel as if it’s his or her own.
Unfold a luggage rack
Create a makeshift nightstand. Even just a pile of books or magazines will serve as a place to rest reading glasses, a phone, and a small glass of water.

Source: Real Simple

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