You may think that your girlfriend was born a natural conversationalist. Or perhaps you are a little jealous that your favorite coworker is “lucky” to be so outgoing. The truth is, luck has nothing to do with it. Small talk takes effort, skill, and practice. A good conversationalist must do much more than simply make party talk, she must know how to put others at ease.Whether you find yourself networking at a social function, a business event, or at a charitable fundraiser, here are etiquette guidelines that will help you put your best foot forward and build relationships with new people you meet.

Eat before you go
Have a light snack before leaving the house or office so your stomach doesn’t growl louder than your introduction.

Face check
Before you enter the even take a private moment (emphasis on private) to check yourself in the mirror – teeth, nose, eyes, hair.

Hold only a glass or a plate of food in your left hand
This allows you to keep your right hand free for the customary handshake. Holding a cold, wet glass with your right hand ensures you will give a clammy and cold handshake.

Make a confident introduction
Offer both your first and last name when making an introduction. Giving only your first name comes across as nervous and unsophisticated.

Extend your hand first
A handshake always accompanies a greeting or introduction. Make sure your handshake is firm and stable, rather than weak and shaky.


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